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Toscoagrigarden Srl he began his commercial activity in the seventies in Vicarello. In that period Moreno Pesci took over the already existing seed company of Giovanni Nista and his son Toscano which was located in the town in the province of Livorno. Today the company is managed by Moreno's son, Carlo Pesci who continues the entrepreneurial tradition of his family.

Toscoagrigarden's production and commercial activity initially concerned mainly the seeds of On the shelled which was the most widely produced forage species in the area. Thanks to it, the company quickly became the leader of the national market.

Over the years the production was expanded and improved with new products, introducing other types of forage, such as the Alfalfa, the Alexandrine clover, lo Squarroso, the Ryegrass, the Sorghum for fodder, the Sorghum from grain and others. The successful goal was to satisfy the new needs that the market proposed.

And with the same intent, at the end of the eighties, Toscoagrigarden also turned to the hobby sector, marketing turf seeds and continuously updating the catalog with new varieties. In doing so, the company managed to satisfy an increasingly vast and varied clientele with growing success.

Currently, Toscoagrigarden's offer is wide-ranging and covers all seeds that produce grass, both for forage and for ornamental purposes.


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